- ShipPING -

Payment in full is due prior to delivery of your merchandise. Hans Noble Design makes every effort to have the merchandise available for you within 8 weeks of receipt of your signed invoice. However, circumstances beyond HND's control may cause delay in availability of your merchandise. Merchandise taking more than 8 weeks will not be compensated in any way (monetarily or otherwise) for delay in delivery.

You are financially responsible for pick up or delivery of the merchandise, which is not included in the price of the merchandise. If you are unable to accept delivery of the merchandise within four weeks, HND will retain possession of the merchandise.

When your merchandise leaves HND it is in perfect condition. You are responsible for inspecting your merchandise at the time of delivery, and by signature, accept the merchandise. Any damage to the merchandise, or your property, needs to be reported to the delivery company and its agent IMMEDIATELY at the time of delivery. After the delivery company leaves your home, we take the position that you have received your furniture in the same perfect condition in which it left our factory. HND is not responsible for damaged personal property or damaged, wrinkled, or soiled merchandise. 

Delivery companies are not agents of HND but independent contractors. As independent contractors they are responsible for the proper care and handling of your merchandise. They are contracted on your behalf and YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF SELECTING YOUR OWN DELIVERY SERVICE. HND does not make a profit or receive any compensation from the contracted delivery companies.